Amadeus the stampede


Amadeus the Stampede has been called “the Johnny Cash of hip hop” and has become the most feared recording artist in the industry. Since the release of his 2004 debut album “Silent Screams and Dry Tears”, the rap juggernaut has been hell-bent on taking over the music industry on his own terms. He is an underground legend with crossover appeal that has yet to achieve the level of success that he has set out to accomplish.

Also known as YardBoy or Jesus Mozart, the Boston, Massachusetts native has become a hometown hero and legend. Over the course of his carrer, Amadeus has gained priceless knowledge about all aspects of the entertainment industry. A writer, producer, performer, recording artist, engineer, DJ, radio personality, and all around worker /entertainer, the man is ready to take his signature sound and style to mainstream America.

The term genius is thrown around a lot in music, but in this case it is warranted. With hundreds of shows under his belt and a lengthy catalogue of recordings, mostly recorded in his home, the man himself plans to continue to be a threat to the status quo. From the Tent City projects in the south end of Boston comes the self-taught, self-contained, independent, prolific artist known for his raw, hardcore, and honest lyrics. He has a style all his own and is respected in the industry by his contemporaries.

Inspired to speak for those without a voice, the standout MC stays in the pursuit of self-mastery. The rhyme slinger says, “My name itself stands for self-mastery”. A father of one, the man they call The Stampede is known for his egoistic confidence, which he exercises with deliberate motives.

Amadeus stays busy, showing versatility by contributing to many different genres as a solo artist and a member of groups such as Pain Killer Crew, Born Losers, Greater Good, Zombie Death Squad, and Yard Boy Goons. He also proves his skillfulness on tracks with artists like Canibus, Sean Price, Slaine, Reef the Lost Cauze, and Ill Bill. A methodical style and unorthodox creative process, which includes ritualistic drug use, set him apart from 99% of recording artists in the world. Quoted as being “somebody who actually lives the words and is everything most rappers pretend to be or portray”, he captures the listener with his intricate wordplay and powerful metaphors.

With eight album releases, including Silent Screams and Dry Tears (2004), House of Broken Mirrors (2009), The Devil Made Me Do It (2011), Spilling Blood On The Dance Floor (2014), Peace Of Mind (2016), Backpack Diaries (2016), Harum-scarum (2016), and Goonism 101 (2016), along with mixtapes being released in between studio albums, the extraordinary MC has bridged the gap between indie and commercial hip hop and blurred the edges of different genres of music to bring together sounds and people from all walks of life.

Raised in the inner city and bussed out the metropolitan suburbs, where he was given a unique education, Amadeus is recognized as a thug/poet and gangster/scholar. He has befriended industry insiders, Ivy League college professors, street urchins, and drug addicts.

He is set to release a few more projects in April 2016 including "Drug Czar", and "Me vs Me", which is a studio version of a mixtape. Although the artist himself has a deep rooted underground genesis, he plans to become a household name. With an awesome drive, he is prepared to take on the universe. He handles himself with respect, moves with grace, and maneuvers the gambit with a menacing aura of quiet danger. He is the man, the legend, and the myth. He isn’t taking prisoners, but he is taking names.

                          Beware the Stampede! Get down or lay down.