I like to read. I'm thinking about writing a stampedian manifesto to put at the beginning of a book of my lyrics titled "Encyclopedia Stampedium", which will include all of my lyrics and some backstories of songs etc. The manifesto will explain stampedianism as a school of thought that I practice. The logo is like a code of arms or crest of sorts. I know I'm crazy and I own that shit. Stampedia is my personal heaven on earth, so I decided to give it a name. People can make fun if they like, but living with schizophrenia is a struggle they will never know so why judge the ways in which I combat the illness. I found peace in my insanity and freedom in my diagnosis. You will never know what I live with, but you can learn how I deal with living with the worst mental illness known to man. Being afflicted doesn't stop me from expressing myself even though i know that nobody can really understand me. I truly believe in being faithless while being faithful, being ruthless while being righteous, and being insane while being level-headed. As a lifelong Taoist I'm dedicated to being a humanist and working for the greater good. I look forward to publishing my life's work for future intellectuals to delve into. I am Amadeus The Stampede and i don't give a fuck what you think about that. One.

R. Breighner

Stampede Media