I have been reaching out to everybody lately. I can tell you that many haven't responded. I guess I'm not gangster enough for the hood, I'm too black for the nerds, and I'm too smart for the cool kids. Look here, I'm a bit of everything. I'm a multifaceted personality and a versatile artist. I know that I make great music and I'm intelligent enough to figure out the bullshit. I hear what I make, and I can feel the quality of my work. The whole clique off and succeed in music plan hasn't worked for me. I don't know why people don't fuck with me on the music shit and truthfully, I don't give a fuck. I just think it's funny when artists stay complaining about the hate and when i show love and try to create opportunities for us I get snubbed. Well, this is an official fuck you to everyone that gave me the cold shoulder. I'm nicer than 99% so i have to clique off with the 1%, right. Don't go on about how you had a meaningless interaction with me when you see me shining. I'm letting the world know that this story is mine and mine alone. I built this, i struggle daily with it, and I alone will reap the benefits. Now i know that people are busy, but i have waited months and years for responses from these people. No one can say that I disrespected them or threw a shot at them without a logical reason. When you see records that are produced, recorded, written, performed, and mixed by me, that is out of necessity, not first choice. I had to learn to do everything myself, so save the criticism for someone who gives a fuck. Don't tell me how a record should've sounded, or who would've sounded good on that track because I say fuck them all. I didn't become an artist to seek approval or acceptance from people who could care less if I dropped dead tomorrow. I became an artist in order to express myself and exercise my freedom. So when you hear someone talk shit about me, remember, I showed them nothing but respect. I have too much to live with now and I am not trying to fit in because no matter what, I stand out. I feel as if my success is being oppressed by a people who want me (and you) to be a certain way because of where I come from or how I look. I never gave a fuck about my image enough to treat a human being like they are less than. Treating people like they are not as good as you are is corny. I don't know what a person has been through enough to judge them. With that said, i have learned stuff about people or experienced enough with people to say that they are phony and just not good people. I am putting out my mixtape, "Life Happens", soon. The release of this mixtape will be along side some official releases of studio albums. On April 1, 2016, be on the lookout for some more stampedian branded dope. I can't blame people when I fail so I can say I did it when I succeed. I'm telling you now, watch out for me.

R. Breighner

Stampede Media