I Know One Thing

I really live the words. My thoughts, actions, character, and destiny match my music. My input is greater than my output. I learn something new everyday. Things about life, and myself are absorbed into my DNA. I mutate every lunar cycle for real. I am not who I was yesterday, I am that plus what I've learned. I'm only getting better. I have a genuine passion for learning. I listen more than I talk. That makes me a great communicator. People are always waiting for their turn to talk, not letting others finish their thoughts. I'm guilty of it sometimes too. Less often than most though. I got so many ideas in my head it's like I can't get them out fast enough. The words spill on the page from an infinite source. There's nothing that I can't do, except accept failure. You have been witnessing me take loss after loss, living in obscurity. I plan on reversing that fortune. I'm taking on all challenges. As of today, I plan on beating the world over the head with my pain and pleasure. I have thoughts and feelings like no one else. They belong to me and sometimes it's all I have. I love my family, but they can't feel what I go through. I have too many things that upset me to let people just feel comfortable like everything's cool. I'm peace and love at the end of the day, but if you're comfortable you're not trying. I'm going to make you try to understand things. My only regret in life is not waking up earlier. I was but a child when I realized that I molded the universe into what I see and experience. I am master of reality. Nobody can see through my eyes, and it's very difficult to see myself as others do. When I have seen myself outside myself I was scared so I can only imagine how you feel around me. Not saying that I'm some crazy killer, but I am certifiably psycho and not to be fucked with. I am waiting for the day that somebody teaches me something to get me ahead. Nobody will, for free at least. Think about the reason you even get online in the first place. The internet was invented as a nuclear attack proof way to communicate and exchange information. What information are we sharing with each other? Music, human causes, ideas, and discoveries with a lot of personal shit  nobody needs to know sprinkled in there. We can literally shape the world into what we need it to be. We are forming it into what we want right now. Look at the amount of ignorance there is in the world. How can people be so dumb, deaf, and blind in these times. Personally, I know that the world can be a heavenly place. The hell we are raising collectively is a sign of weakness and human flaw. People are terrified of differences and change. No one person has the power to stop the continuous flow of God in the universe. You will witness my rise and triumph over these next tomorrows to come. Xenophobes beware, the things you fear most will be on your doorstep before long. Me myself, I know God. Can you look in the mirror and say, "the person that I'm looking at is insignificant"? If not, then act like you matter and be a better person than you were yesterday. I say that to say this, "I know nothing".

R. Breighner

Stampede Media