Every time I set out to accomplish something, things go wrong. You would think that with as much productivity as one puts out, things are running smoothly. That's not the case. I just lost two blogs I wrote today, back to back because I had the wrong browser running. Anyway, I am sitting here listening to LZRS TAXN and 9ravity writing this blog. I'm thinking about swagger, the term. I see all different kinds of swag. The fiend swag, you know the dude you can spot from a mile away looking straight customer status. The nerd swag, that I have a lot of useless information dude (Star Wars). Geek swag, that I have a lot of impertinent information guy. There's the goon swag, this dude looks like he shot a couple people. That differs just a bit from the killer swag, because this swag is some don't move the wrong way vibe. Some dudes have the jiggalo swag, pretty boys with sugar mommas. That and pimp swag can go hand in hand. Hood swag, ghetto swag, idiot swag (the half a 'tard motherfuckers). There's professor swag that let's you know you are going to learn something today. They got that play bunny swag, those who are familiar with this one have gotten the blue balls before. Slut swag, we all know there's one in every group. Klansman swag, self explanatory. Hillbilly swag, for those in the Appalachians. LA swag, Boston swag, NY swag, and dirty swag are represented. Animal swag, people with no restraint. Airhead or valley swag, you know. Many more to list. List some of your own in the comments. Anyway, I'm just saying that you shouldn't let anybody tell you what real is. Who can tell you how to be you better than you. For real, I see all these cliques where everybody speaks the same, seem to think the same and act the same with people basically calling out "fouls" and mistakes that would make a person stand out. Am I lying? Stampedianism is my way of thinking. I gave myself a label so that no one else can. Break down my name, self-mastery and quickness. I move at the speed of thought. Trust me, there's nothing faster. I'm stampeding away from a troubled past towards a greater future. Break down the logo. The 14 bullets, 7 on either side crossing in the middle, representing the duality of the supreme being complementing one another. The bullets are the 7 deadly sins pridewrathgreedenvylust, and gluttony, and the 7 virtues, prudence,justicetemperance (meaning restriction or restraint), and courage (or fortitude), faithhope, and charity (or love). The elephant skull, representing the eternal memory of the soul and the most powerful of stampedes. The eight ball in the left eye, that's the drug addled life and times. The eight representing the hour glass or infinity. Black representing the universe. The crossed AK-47's, are there for violent revolution, and the opposing ideas for change (pros and cons), which switch according to the individual hence the weaponry. 50 bullets in each clip, one with the pros; the 12 jewels (knowledge, wisdom, understanding, freedom, justice, equality, food, clothing, shelter, love, peace, and happiness), 7 virtues, 10 commandments, 5 pillars, 8 wonders (Great Pyramid of Giza, Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Statue of Zeus at Olympia, Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, Colossus of Rhodes, Light House of Alexandria, and The Great Wall of China), and 8 religions (IslamChristianityBuddhismJudaism,ConfucianismYorubaTaoism and Atheism). The other clip holds the cons; the 10 satanic commandments, 7 sins, 8 religions, 7 major gangs, 5 mobs, and 13 forms of witchcraft. There is plenty more ammo also. On to the bejeweled 7 pointed crown, representing the king amongst kings and lord amongst lords. That's swagger people. God swag. Hahahahaha. Yea. One.

R. Breighner

Stampede Media