What is now, always has been, and always will be? What cannot be created nor destroyed? What can't you see or hear in its truest form? What created the universe? What does the universe have everywhere? What gave you breath? What are your thoughts made of? What do you feel completely throughout yourself? What holds your body up? What is consciousness? What is the source of all existence? What remains after death? What is man trying to understand more than anything else? What holds the universe together? What keeps you from flying off the earth? What keeps the earth spinning? What is the theory of relativity about? What did you come from? What formed your body? What can destroy worlds? What can create life? What are dreams made of? What is inexhaustible? What is infinite? What is omnipotent? Omnipresent? What is universal above all else? What is the cause and effect? What is chaos? What lives right and exact? What is perfection manifested? What keeps you alive? What does all in existence consist of? What feeds and eats itself? What is absolutely self sufficient? What is gravity? What is technology? Of what do we all come from? What formed the universe? What can explain everything? What is the solution for world contention? What makes you unique? What do you need more than food and water? What is food and water? What is disease? What can cure disease? What drives the universe? What is the ultimate element? What is the biggest mystery? The answer is energy. Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared? Energy is God. Jesus is a story of science. You are made of energy and energy is eternal. The afterlife is what your energy is transferred into. Can you be transferred into what ever you will yourself to be? If you have the knowledge, your consciousness will become something marvelous. You're made up of energy and that can't be destroyed. Think about it, you can't see yourself or hear yourself or even feel yourself the others do. Sounds godly, right? Divine: having the nature of or being a deity. Deity: a god or goddess. If energy is God, and you are made up of God, does that make you a god? Yes, it does. You are divine. If you accept these truths you will be a deity. Divinity is being a god or goddess. Men are the shining light of the micro galaxies that are their families. Women are the nurturers and bearers of life, kind of like the earth. The earth is mostly water which covers earth like clothing. We can't drink salt water not can we see through the proper attire. The women tend to reflect the men's light, like the moon right? The moon is made from the earth and goes through a cycle, when the cycle is complete it reflects the most light from the sun. Women birth children, who are not fully formed until they are adults. Like a star becoming a small planet or creating its own Galaxy. The star is a light of its own and is visible from the earth and positioned to become this. Sun, moon, and star; the human family. There is one earth one sun and there can be many stars. When stars shine they shine like the sun, burning gas and breathing. How do stars form though? They form from the right elements that sustain their life. Kind of like sperm and egg. How does the star know how to become a planet or Galaxy? Communication or wisdom is the transference of knowledge and down to the smallest particle, energy communicates with itself. We have eight planets in our galaxy plus Pluto. If we consider the sun to be 0 we can count to nine and complete the numerical symbolism. What, when, who, why, and how? The what is energy, the when is infinity, the who is us, the why is the optimization of the elements, and the how is communication. There is a collective consciousness that is earth. Did you know that a thought an travel the universe and back in a jiffy? It's true, physicists are studying how now. You can think yourself to death or heaven on earth, you choose. Your thoughts are directly related to your situation and place in the world. You manifest your thoughts everyday. Have you ever had a new interest and once you really got into it almost everybody you meet can offer information about it? That's magnetism, which is faster than the speed of light. Do you know how you want something and never get it but you end up getting something that complements your lifestyle? Or, traveled far from home and meet people that know the same folks as you? That's how the universe works. You're communicating with the universal energy and collective consciousness with every thought. I hear people talk about natural drugs verse synthetics and I want to ask them why do they think we can even make synthetic drugs. We can synthesize just about anything nowadays. Intelligent design is real as well as evolution. We evolved from lower forms of human beings not apes and monkeys. We continue to evolve and you can see it all around you. Love ok at sports, technology and art. We are mastering ourselves in time. Time is a man made measurement. There is a fourth dimension where what we call time folds in on itself. Deja vu, homie. What is deja vu? That's an instance of the fourth dimension being tapped into. You can cross into the fourth dimension with intelligence. The supreme being exists and looks like you and I. Have you ever thought about what your life would of be like if you were smarter, faster, stronger, or richer? That's you looking towards your higher self. The master is your higher self. The master knows the answers to all of your questions. Listen to your senses, all six. Yea I said it. We all have a sixth sense and we all can gain common sense. Common sense is savvy in practical matters, that's all. Rationalizing, analyzing, and using logic is common sense. It's not common by any means. Most people lack common sense because they never had intellectual pursuits of any kind. When you pursue better knowledge you obtain an understanding of practical application of said knowledge. You can't fall off of the edge of the earth. Common sense right? Yes, but there was a time we didn't know that. It takes a man or woman with vision and common sense to help us better know our universe. You experience life in your own way. Nobody can know exactly how you feel at any given time. Empathy is something that can only be achieved through experience. When someone's loved one dies, I think about my lost Familly members. When I tell some one that I almost had my head blown off they think about themselves in that situation in order to empathize. Even if that person has never been in that situation they imagine it. The word faith came about because the Aramaic language didn't have a word for imagination. Religion comes from the Aramaic " to be held back". So seeing yourself as lesser than a prophet makes you a believer in that prophet. People who don't believe in Muhammad can't "imagine" themselves needing to be civilized. As for Jesus, I can't imagine being ignorant to what God is. In the Tao te Ching the master steers the person on his/her path. The master is your higher self, so the Tao is different for each individual. The Tao is life, but a school of thought. I can imagine myself being preeminent. I have "faith" in my higher self. I know I can achieve anything I fully commit to obtaining. Health, wealth, or power are mine to have. All you have to do is act in accordance to what the collective consciousness agrees the path to that which you are pursuing.  You can create your own path to greatness by allowing yourself to be wretched. You can see God once you allow yourself to see nothingness. I don't want to make this blog too long so I will say one last thing. Man is God.

R. Breighner

Stampede Media