Competition in art is stupid. Titles, labels, and status have no place in art. It's self expression. You can't say that one rapper is better than another and be so matter of fact about it. Your favorite rapper should be the one who touched you the most. I like my own music more than anyone else's. Does that make me the best of all time? In my mind yes, but I don't go out and argue with people about the fact. Rappers should be collaborating all across the board. Politics and competition are fucking up the game. Trying to shine on a record is normal for an emcee. Trying to better than the guy next to you is corny. How can tell somebody that you are a better you than he is him. That is bullshit. Biggie isn't in my top five. He didn't touch me the way he touched everyone else I guess. That doesn't take away from his talent nor is it a personal affront to you or anyone else. My favorite emcees change with my mood. The list changes from one moment to the next. People try to downplay my skill because I'm not popular. Well, I'm not going to relate to most people. I'm a rare breed from a confusing background, plain and simple. I relate to those who can feel what I'm saying because they know how it is. I am technically as good as Eminem, I just don't speak to a large percentage of the hip hop population. I'm a monster, I'm handsome, intelligent, schizophrenic, a borderline sociopath, and good at a lot of things. How many of me are there. I truly don't give a fuck about what people think about me. So how many people can honestly say they relate to that. Not many I can tell you. My skill level is that of your favorite rapper. I have my own style, from beats to rhymes I'm authentic and original. Popularity depends on being relatable and accepted as one who fits into what society thinks a celebrity should be. I'm not what society wants me to be. I'm a rebel for real. I have no reason to front on the world. If I'm not on the best rapper list I don't care because your favorite rapper recognizes my skill. I don't feel comfortable tracing someone else's art. The formulaic production of modern music is ruining an art form. Hip hop music isn't even respected as other genres because of the competitive nature. Rappers shooting each other and fans fighting over who is better. Just enjoy the music you love and shut the fuck up. As far as rappers go, keep it on wax unless it actually calls for action. Biggie and Tupac's situation in tragedy. I go at rappers from time to time because they try to act like they are better than me when I think that makes you a shitty person. From sabotaging my set, playing me as less than, to being taken off tracks for political reasons, I have been through a lot with this current state of the game. I don't have a lot of fans, but I can say that all of my fans are intelligent, committed, and open minded. At least I don't have ignorant fucks promoting a message of poison. Let's do a test. Play your favorite Amadeus song for a dumb ass, than play it for someone you consider intelligent and knowledgeable. I guarantee that the dumb one, like it or not, will say something about it being underground and the intelligent person will say something about my use of words. I'm a lyricist, so you already know that I appreciate all love given and shown. When I got into writing hip hop songs, all I wanted to be was great at it. I think I have achieved that goal. I'm not the sound that you're familiar with so I don't expect to be accepted as a pop artist or even mainstream. I am lyrical so being labeled underground is expected. With that said, all those labels can go up your ass. I am hip hop, point blank. I'm not trying to be better than the next man when I get on a track, I just do me. If you don't like it fine, don't listen. I like to listen to everything and give different sounds a chance. I tend to lean towards the less popular content because it's usually sonically pleasing and thought provoking for me. I'm not knocking anyone else's taste, I just don't want anyone knocking mine. I'm surrounded by people who wonder why I haven't blown yet. I know why, because I'm a threat to the status quo. If you are trying to put a message of poison out and someone with the same skill-set as your czar come around and is anti, you're going to do everything in your power to suppress his/her growth. When you want people to think you're so real and you act a certain way and talk about certain things, when someone who acts differently has the potential to expose your weakness comes along you're going to try to discredit them. When people don't know how to play you, they're going to play you to the left. If you can't go along with the program you get trashed. I have been blackballed, blacklisted, and scapegoated. I get high with a lot of people on all sorts of drugs so I know the fiends. I chill with dangerous people so I know the dudes fronting hard. I spit on a high level so I know who is actually willing to stand up as opposed to those who are threatened by other's skill. Nobody wants to be "out shined", which is ridiculous. I'm all about the music and I know when the music isn't talking to me. When I get on a song with people, I try to come to a unanimous decision on whether or not the song speaks to the listener, if it doesn't do so we go back to the drawing board. I don't shit on talented people to make myself look better. I have reached out to so many emcees and rappers you can name him, I have reached out. Being an outcast sucks, but knowing that I'm outcast for nothing more than other's insecurities eases the pain. I'm not bitter, I just hope that hip hop music gets the respect it deserves before I'm done. It's to the point that I am not working with anyone else right now. Fuck them. You should have responded before my wave came. Now that I'm on you want to work? Fuck off, prick. To anyone out there who is wondering why I wasn't popping years ago, it's because I'm a threat. Call me delusional, I don't care, I know what I know.  


R. Breighner

Stampede Media