Finding proper motivation to attack a verse has never been an issue for Amadeus the Stampede. Nearly every performance in his extensive catalog, whether solo material or with one of his several group projects like Greater Good or Born Losers, has a single constant: an unflinching ferocity, with a flow that, true to his name, barrels forward like a force unleashed.
— Martin Caballero - The Boston Globe

On the mic, Amadeus is more Golden Era than experimental — think the Game meets Inspectah Deck — but his backdrops are contemporary
— Chris Faraone - The Boston Phoenix

when Amadeus the Stampede rushes, get the fuck out of the way.
— Chris Faraone - The Providence Phoenix

Not just another rap album, it’s a searing self-therapy session that vividly details Amadeus’ struggles with drug abuse and schizophrenia.
— Martin Caballero - The Boston Herald